Learning German in Karlsruhe - German Courses A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 C2
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Learning German in Karlsruhe - German Courses A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 C2

The language school Aktiv in Karlsruhe offers various course models for German learners. The classic German course takes place in small groups of up to ten participants. If you desire intensive supervision, book private lessons. We offer our courses on-site or online.
German Course in Karlsruhe

German courses for beginners and advanced learners with free placement test

If you are staying in Germany and want to master the language perfectly, you need to master at least level B2, better C1 or C2. If you only have basic knowledge of the German language, start with a beginner course. You will make very rapid progress and soon speak perfect German. Most course participants have at least basic German skills.

These are not lost, but you start at a higher level. It is best to start with a free placement test on our website or in the premises of the language school Aktiv in Karlsruhe. After that, you will know about your current German language skills and we will assign you to the appropriate course.

Choose between evening courses, intensive courses, and individual lessons

The evening course is suitable for people who do not immediately need the German language. The course progresses slowly. It is important that you speak the language. The grammatical structures come naturally. In an intensive course, the lessons take place daily in the morning. This makes the learning curve very steep, and you will make significant progress after only a few weeks. However, practicing a profession is hardly possible. With individual lessons, you receive the best supervision. The teacher focuses solely on you and prepares the material exactly according to your wishes. Since you have no classmates, you cannot adopt incorrect pronunciation from them.

The courses take place in our language school in Karlsruhe or online

Digital technology has also not bypassed the language school Aktiv. We offer the courses as usual as face-to-face lessons. If you wish, you can also participate online. We will provide you with a link to our virtual classroom. To participate, you will need a computer, a tablet, or a laptop. We recommend using a microphone and webcam.

Our teachers are friendly native speakers

Our teachers are friendly native speakers Of course
Of course, only German native speakers teach in our German courses because only in this way can it be ensured that you learn the pronunciation accent-free. We pay particular attention to a pedagogical university education and a friendly personality. It is not always easy to find these three points combined in one teacher. Therefore, we take a lot of time in our search because we want to offer you the best instruction.

Our intensive courses in Karlsruhe Duration


Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.


The first Monday of the month


1 week: 299 euros
2 weeks: 349 euros
3 weeks: 399 euros
4 weeks: 449 euros

Evening courses German from A1 to C2


12 weeks - 90 minutes per week


The first Tuesday of the month


Every Tuesday from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.


279 euros

Private lessons in Karlsruhe - in the language school, on-site, or online

While a private lesson costs more than group instruction, this is more than offset by faster progress.


Up to 19 teaching hours: 42 euros per hour
From 20 teaching hours: 40 euros
From 30 teaching hours: 38 euros